Walk. Bike. Roll.

Over 50% of students take public transportation, walk, bike or skate to school. This reduces Bay Area traffic and earns individual P.E. credit for our student commuters.

For commuting convenience, the Belmont Caltrain station is an easy 20 minute walk from campus, mostly along the pedestrian and bike-friendly Bay Trail, and the SamTrans #260 bus stops on Oracle Parkway just a few minutes walk to school. The Sam Trans ECR Express buses on El Camino provide more public transit options connecting up and down the Peninsula.

In addition:

  • A dedicated bike and pedestrian bridge enables students to safely cross Highway 101.

  • Shuttle buses to and from Belmont Station helps students get on and off campus before and after school.

  • An online parent directory and forum connects families and encourages carpooling.

  • Students who bike to school can safely park their bikes and electric scooters in a locked area.

Lana GuernseyComment