Enrollment Process

Design Tech is a free public charter school that values diversity in race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic level, sexual orientation, physical ability, family structure and religion.

Thank you for your interest in Design Tech. The school offers an innovative and engaging high school experience, solid preparation for college and post-graduate opportunities, and an environment that fosters self-efficacy, kindness and teamwork.

Visiting the Campus

Thank you for your interest in visiting our public charter school! Design Tech does not offer Open Houses in the fall as many schools do. We discovered over the last few years that - as a relatively small high school - we could not approach the number of Open Houses needed to accommodate most requests in a meaningful way, so we hope we have come up with a solution that works well for everyone researching their 9th or 10th grade options.

We have attempted to turn d.tech's website into a virtual Open House, featuring a third-part documentary and student-made videos, as well as information and pictures on our Student Life tab. There are also post-graduate outcomes on the Beyond Design Tech page.

Our goal is to provide enough information to help you decide if d.tech looks like a potential match, your family will feel encouraged to register for the lottery. When a student receives an offer to enroll, we invite prospective students and their parents to visit the campus. We want families to thoroughly understand the program, mission and community spirit before making a decision.

We have received feedback from registering families that this saves time and is effective, given it provides information much closer to the decision deadline than a visit in the fall. We hope this works for your family too, and that you will stay in touch. Registration for the lottery opens on January 7 on this page, and there is more information on the process and timeline below.

Here also is a FAQ page! If you access it, please be sure to return to this page to read important Lottery Information.

Lottery Registration

Lottery registration opens on January 7 and closes on February 29 for the March 7, 2020 lottery to determine offers for entry into 9th or 10th grade. There are no transfer opportunities for grades 11 or 12.

The registration and enrollment process is described in the steps below. Please pay close attention to address verification requirements. Priority is given to students whose parents/guardians prove residence in the Sequoia and San Mateo Union High School districts. Students living outside those districts are placed on a waitlist that is only accessed if the school fails to enroll from the wait list of priority students. This is unlikely to happen because the wait list for in-district students is substantial. For this reason, it is highly unlikely that students living outside the Sequoia or San Mateo Union High School Districts will be offered an opportunity to enroll. Further details on lottery priorities are provided below.

Lottery Registration Steps

Step 1 • Address Verification ➝

  • Prospective students and families must be current California residents.

  • Enrollment priority is extended to students who prove residency in the Sequoia Union High School District, and the San Mateo Union High School District. From November 2019, residents of those districts can complete address verification. (see below for links to the Districts). Priority is not a guarantee of an offer to enroll, but it is to the student’s advantage to have it if eligible.

  • Those living outside the San Mateo and Sequoia Union High School Districts are placed on a separate waitlist and are not likely to be offered an opportunity to enroll: d.tech maintains a lengthy priority waitlist for in-district students and is unlikely to exhaust that list.

  • d.tech verifies resident status directly with the districts, and highly recommends completing address verification prior to February 15, 2020. Residents who are not verified by the February 29 d.tech lottery registration deadline are added to the out-of-district lottery waitlist.

  • Address verification for prospective 9th graders in the Sequoia and San Mateo UHS districts must be completed even if an older sibling is already enrolled in that district.

  • Address verification for d.tech’s lottery can be completed from November to mid-February at the District office appropriate for your home address.

    Address Verification - San Mateo Union High School District 650 N. Delaware Street, San Mateo, CA 94401 Tel. (650) 558-2299

    Address Verification - Sequoia Union High School District 480 James Ave, Redwood City, CA 94062 Tel. (650) 369-1411 ext. 22209

  • Students in Free or Reduced Price Meal Program (FRPM)
    Families of students in the FRPM program should email the FRPM letter from their district to the d.tech enrollment office by the February 29 deadline to confirm eligibility for FRPM priority.

Step 2 • Register for Lottery ➝

  • Register between January 7, 2020 and February 29, 2020 for the March lottery. The lottery will be scheduled towards the end of the first week in March.

  • The online registration form will be posted here. Hard copies can be found in the district offices during the lottery registration period and must be mailed or walked-in to Design Tech High School, 275 Oracle Parkway, CA 94065 from 8:30 am - 4 pm.

Step 3 • Lottery & Campus Visits➝

  • The Lottery takes place towards the end of the first week in March (date to be confirmed), and the results are emailed the same evening to the parent/guardian listed on the registration.

  • The majority of families wait for lottery results to be emailed to them in the privacy of their homes. However, the lottery is held in public, and some families attend to see if their numerical identifier is posted. Student names are not used to protect family confidentiality.

  • Students who receive offers are invited for a half-day shadow visit, and their parents/guardians have an opportunity to tour.

Lottery Priorities

In accordance with Education Code section 47605(d), the following lottery priorities shall be included within the DESIGN TECH charter:

Lottery priority in the case of a public random drawing shall be given to the following students in the following order:

Priority 1 – Children of Design Tech employees.

Priority 2 – Children of Design Tech founding team members as identified in the initial charter.

Priority 3 – Siblings of students that currently attend Design Tech, and siblings of pupils who graduated from Design Tech, not to exceed ten such pupils.

Priority 4 – Children who reside within Sequoia Unified High School District or San Mateo Unified High School District boundaries. The drawing for this category of applicants shall be a separate drawing such that only applicants residing within the boundaries of the two school districts will be included. Children that qualify for FRL programs within those school districts will receive a preference of 2:1. A copy of the guidelines for eligibility for the federal National School Lunch Program (“FRL”) shall be attached to the registration for admission to DESIGN TECH. Applicants shall be asked to verify whether their household is eligible for the FRL Program by checking a box marked “Yes” or “No.” No other information will be requested. However, the registration will state that DESIGN TECH reserves the right to confirm eligibility in the event that the student accepts an offer of enrollment.

Priority 5 – All other children, provided they are California residents. Students that reside outside of Sequoia Unified High School District or San Mateo Unified High School District boundaries will be placed on a separate lottery list.