Opportunities at d.tech

  • Daily @d.tech student advisory classes

  • Two-week Intersessions (four times a year) for deep explorations and Design Labs.

  • Personalized student schedules through Focused Independent Time (FIT) and Lab Days.

  • 1:1 Chrome book program with Powerschool online Learning Management System.

  • Concurrent Enrollment and Internships for upper grades.

  • Innovation Diploma for students who complete an independent project related to the UN Sustainable Development goals.

  • Honors in International Studies: Debate and Diplomacy for all grades, as well as English (10th) and Biology (11th).

  • Robust College & Career Counseling program with visiting colleges on campus.

  • Partnerships with professional mentors and local businesses.

  • Competitive athletic programs with both varsity and junior varsity teams.

  • More than forty student-directed clubs and activities.

  • University of California Credentialed A-G graduation requirements.

  • Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Julie Abraham - Design-Tech-Graduation-Commencement-Wilgus-2018.jpg


Students learn how they learn best, and how to manage authentic challenges. They helped design the campus, found over 40 clubs and sports teams, and use their initiative to create positive change. They mentor their younger peers and share personal stories of challenge and triumph at community meetings.


Teachers at d.tech are engaged facilitators who mentor student progress through daily Advisories and weekly ‘Lab Days’. On Lab Days, students receive personalized academic instruction to help them stay on pace. If they are already on pace, they can choose electives ranging from speakers, to club activities to student-taught specialist subjects.


By using an assessment system focused on competency-based evaluation, students have multiple opportunities to check their comprehension and revise work before completing letter-graded performance tasks and unit exams.

Graduation photo credit: Christine Tan Photography