Clubs & activities

What will your club be?

Here is the current list! One new club this year - The Lasar Show Club - was inaugurated during our September 6 Clubs Fair with illuminations in the Design Realization Garage maker-space. The club is designing their first official show in the coming weeks.

Clubs at are created, organized and run by students: student founders find a staff mentor, create a mission statement and organizational structure, and commit to an annual “service to the community”. Clubs meet on Wednesdays and at lunch-times. The clubs cover feminist and cultural groups, art & photography, coding, singing, hip hop, leadership groups, music, games & gaming, robotics, young entrepreneurs, community service and more.

Student Initiatives

Student-led initiatives include celebrations of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Black History Month and Hispanic Heritage Month. There is also the Student Advisory Council, and d.Leadership, as well as electives such as Model United Nations, the Parliamentary Debate Club, and The Dragon Newspaper for journalists. Students also run the following affinity groups: BelHacks Hackathon, Dragon Day, d.Leadership, Falliday Dance, Jew Crew, Junior Prom, Koi Ventures, Leaf Day, Operation Christmas Child, Plants to the People Vegetarian Group, Student Diversity Council, Robotics Team, Rock Band, Spirit Week, Student Store, Spirit Wear Design, Travel Program, Puerto Rican Exchange Trip, Veterans Toiletries Drive, My New Red Shoes, Animal Shelter & Animal Rights Support groups.

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