Athletic Programs

Design Tech athletes compete in the Private School Athletics League (PSAL) Central Coast Section in Varsity Girls Volleyball, Varsity Girls & Boys Soccer, Varsity Girls & Boys Basketball, Baseball, Cross Country, Swimming and Track.

These sports are in consistent high demand and all emphasize integrity, wellness sportsmanship and fulfillment of athletic potential in both victory and defeat.

Forming a lower level team is feasible for an existing sport when a large number of players are interested. Coaches may keep players on a ‘developmental’ roster for sports without Junior Varsity Teams. They have discretion over the cut/no-cut policy depending on how many students take part.

Similar to the clubs - such as Bellhacks and Model U.N. - students may also found teams when there is sufficient interest and participation.

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Physical Education

Physical Education is no longer a graduation requirement, yet Design Tech encourages students to be physically active. Students engage in a wide range of activities and personal interests, including varsity and junior varsity competitive sports teams. Students are introduced to new physical activities through intersession, such as gold and martial arts, while others pursue extra-curricular competitive goals such as rock-climbing, long-distance bike racing, dirt-biking, tennis and fencing. At times, students are supported by through independent study which must be reviewed and approved ahead of time by the academic counselor.

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