Athletics & P.E.

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Independent Study P.E. Credits

The Physical Education (P.E.) program at Design Tech is conducted through independent prove-it assignments. This fosters healthy lifestyle choices, honoring what you already do, and encouraging new activities. This approach preserves time during the school day for other activities such as academics and design challenges and promotes activity and relaxation as part of non-school hours.

A minimum of 200 P.E. minutes per week is required in grades nine and ten. Students complete their P.E. requirements through a range of activities and personal interests, including: tennis, competitive rock-climbing, long-distance bike racing, and dirt-biking, besides participation in sports teams.

If you are not a competitive athlete — your prove-it assignment can be centered around activities as simple and fun as walking your dog, playing frisbee, hiking, biking, or swimming. If you are an athlete — you are able to complete the P.E. requirement easily and still have time to relax, catch up on academic work, or train.


Design Tech athletics provides a competitive experience through the Private School Athletics League (PSAL) Central Coast Section. The program emphasizes integrity, wellness sportsmanship and fulfillment of athletic potential in both victory and defeat.

Sports and teams offered are based on student interest with varsity girls volleyball, cross country, varsity girls and boys soccer, varsity girls basketball, varsity boys and junior varsity boys basketball, baseball, swimming and track in consistent high demand. The community also numbers keen and competitive sailors, tennis players and fencers who take part in independent leagues.

Coaches have the discretion to make cuts when a team is oversubscribed and are encouraged to keep players on a "developmental" roster for sports without Junior Varsity teams. Forming a lower level team is feasible for an existing sport when a large amount of players are interested.

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