There are many paths and goals for students after graduation, including four year and two year colleges, and career training.

Kathleen Odell, our Beyond d.tech Counselor, helps you discover your aspirations and the steps to achieve them.

Parents, counselors, teachers and advisor work together as a team to support you.

Beyond d.tech Program

Ninth and tenth graders assess their personal learning styles in Advisory group, and begin to identify areas of interest.

In junior year, students map their goals and options in more detail, and work one-on-one and in small groups with Kathleen through senior year.

Approximately fifty college admissions representatives travel to d.tech to speak with seniors: Recent College Outcomes.


Design Tech graduation requirements meet or exceed the University of California A-G standards. The program does not include AP classes. However, students who wish to go deeper into a subject, or take on a higher level of rigor, may engage in Extension Projects in their classes and/or take Honors level classes in 10th grade English, 11th grade Biology or International Debate and Diplomacy. The latter is for all grades.

Juniors and seniors may also be eligible to take concurrent enrollment classes at local Community Colleges.

College admissions officers are very interested in the unique opportunities d.tech offers.

Our Beyond d.tech Counselor also offers parent and student education workshops on campus.

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