Nicole Cerra


Nicole began her career in education serving in the AmeriCorps program and using creative writing to mentor at-risk teens in Seattle. She then taught English and AVID at Sweetwater High School, just one mile from the U.S. - Mexico border, and later moved to the Bay Area to work as an English and reading teacher, and coordinator of the ninth and tenth grade interdisciplinary teams at Capuchino High School. She is committed to helping all kids excel in a rigorous learning environment by personalizing the learning experience and emphasizing creativity. Nicole also conducts a summer institute for teachers.


Hanan Holloway


San Francisco native, Hanan Holloway, graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in Business and Marketing, and embarked on a twelve-year career in retail as a Northern California buyer for Nordstrom. After a sabbatical to focus on raising her children, she began a part-time stint at Mills High School where was located during its founding year. She became intrigued by the program, kindness and energy of the students and staff and related strongly as the mother of highschoolers herself. As a result, she joined and is the very full-time Director of Business Operations, managing development, human resources, billing and facilities.


Dr. Wendy Little


Wendy has served in the field of education for more than 20 years. She began teaching K-5th grade students in Chicago at the Kohl Children’s Museum and then joined the Psychology Department faculty at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA. Wendy received her Ph.D. from UC Davis, where she focused on family processes and outcomes during adolescence and the transition to adulthood. She has co-authored several articles and book chapters on adolescent development, family dynamics, sibling relationships, and the effects of economic hardship across generations. Prior to working at Wendy directed a Child Development program at Capucchino High School. This rewarding work of witnessing adolescents transform from typical teenagers to professional early childhood educators inspired Wendy to join the team.


Melissa Mizel


All-state high school athlete Melissa has been on a quest to educate young people. After a stint riding the .com wave, she earned her teaching credential in English and her first Masters degree in Secondary Education from San Francisco State. She taught English and Design Thinking for ten years, and is proud to have led the charge to ignite student voices, inspire others to understand stories of the marginalized, and start an advisory program focused on social and emotional support. After receiving her second Masters degree in Administration, Melissa joined as an English teacher, and has been instrumental in founding a school-wide culture of restorative justice. She also mentored the students who launched the school-wide Travel Program, leading the first student-organized trip to Northern India and continues to be active in mentoring students and guiding the team.


Ken Montgomery


Ken completed his PhD in administration and policy analysis at Stanford University. As a high school teacher, Ken has held a variety of positions including: founding coach of a speech and debate team that grew from 15 students to 250 and was number one in Southern California. He has also served as a technology coordinator, conference champion football coach, a member of the USA Today All-teacher team, and he is a National Board Certified teacher. While at Stanford, Ken developed a school leadership course and published several articles on school improvement, including: Developing Common Instructional Practice, Watching the Game and Keeping the Promise?


Ashley Wong


Educational Specialist Ashley Wong is passionate about being a strong advocate for inclusive learning and self-direction. She serves students as the Director of Special Education to ensure that students of all abilities are able to access the general education curriculum. After receiving her Masters in Special Education from Notre Dame de Namur University, Ashley taught students with various needs at local middle and high schools and has experience in a wide array of Special Education programs, such as Resource Support, co-taught English, and Special Day Classes for math and reading intervention. In addition to overseeing’s Special Education department, Ashley is also dedicated to providing leadership and training to teachers in order to create inclusive and diversified learning experiences for all students.

Banner Photo credit: Jeremy Bitterman