Virtual Open House - Filmed & Edited by Students

Isn’t Design Tech only about technology?

Far from it.

Our students include dancers, artists, composers, debaters, animal-rights activists, cultural affinity organizers, LGBTQ advocates, singers, songwriters, jazz musicians, athletes, gamers - from eSports to chess and D&D - to debaters, writers, journalists, coders, app designers and avid robotics competitors.

So why is the school called ‘Design Tech’?

'DESIGN' - refers to's design thinking program. It offers applied practice in a problem-solving method developed at the Stanford Design School, and shared through their K-12 Lab program. When applied to real-world challenges, this develops self-efficacy, collaborative confidence and emotional intelligence. Students learn to adopt feedback as useful and actionable information, and embrace the idea that effort is needed to push through anticipated set-backs.

'TECH' - refers to students learning to handle new technology comfortably. It’s common for entering high schoolers to know either very little, or a lot about technology. Students become accustomed to 3-D printers, laser cutters and design software as potential tools to express and realize their ideas. Over time, they gain confidence in applying whatever tools are needed to accomplish their academic and design goals. This confidence and open-mindedness remains with them even as the resources around them evolve.

Can my family visit

Design Tech is a relatively small high school, and the number of requests for Open Houses and shadow visits has moved beyond the school’s capacity. Given the enrollment office is striving to maintain an equitable system, we encourage prospective families to review the collection of videos on this page which we will add to as students complete more. We believe these films, and the documentary below, provide strong insights. We also invite you to review the rest of this website. We hope student voices shine through, and speak for themselves.

If you believe is a potential match for your family, please check the enroll tab of this website in the fall of 2019 for updates on how to register for the lottery. Students who receive an offer to enroll after the lottery will be invited to tour with their family, and shadow for a morning.

We want prospective students to thoroughly understand the opportunities and uniqueness of before making the decision to enroll. We have received feedback that holding the visits close to the decision deadline is helpful, and simplifies the process.

2018 Brazilian Futura Film Channel documentary

‘Destination Education - Innovative Schools’

This film about is for educators and is in English, with a couple of brief student interviews in Portuguese.