Who Can Apply

Who Can Apply

d.tech is a free public charter school that values diversity in race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic level, sexual orientation, physical ability, family structure and religion, and it encourages all students to apply who believe that d.tech's innovative program is a great fit for their high school years.

Here is the process and the rules to apply to enroll:

Enrollment is open to California residents who submit a complete application before the deadline of February 28, 2017, with a copy of the student's birth certificate and a parent drivers' license. However, when there are more applicants than spots available, a lottery is run to determine which prospective students will receive offers and which will go onto the waitlist.

Students resident in the San Mateo and Sequoia Union High School districts are eligible to receive priority weighting in the lottery by first going to the relevant District Office to register/enroll and complete address verification. This should be completed no later than mid-February 2017. Other than this step, d.tech's application process is completely separate from local public schools. 

d.tech reserves the right to rescind offers if any part of the application or address verification proves to be inaccurate or false, or if mandatory documents such as the Cumulative Records Release form and Parent Student Handbook are not signed by the enrollment deadline. All non-district families must also provide 3 proofs of California residence. The complete list of required forms are provided in an enrollment package once a spot is accepted.