Lottery, Decision, Waitlist

The Lottery 

The lottery, which is typically held the first few days of March. Families can attend the live process, which is run on a computer platform, or be contacted elsewhere via text and/or email.

The lottery is run for each individual grade, in two stages:

  • Siblings of current students, and children of founders or employees receive priority in the lottery and are automatically offered spots in the first round. 
  • In the second round, the lottery runs for remaining applicants. Residents of San Mateo UHSD receive a priority weighting of five in the lottery, Sequoia UHSD residents receive a weighting of four, and out-of-district families receive a weighting of one.  

Once the lottery has run, the staff display the results on-screen at the school, and lottery results are sent out electronically the same evening.  

Students who apply for after application deadline (i.e. from March 1 onwards) automatically go to the end of the waitlist for the grade they are applying. 

The Decision Deadline

Families who receive an offer of a spot are encouraged to make a final decision as soon as possible, and no later than the announced deadline. Some students may need to visit the campus for the first time, and others have already done so. Once the offer is accepted, families are expected to complete the enrollment process within one calendar week.  


The Waitlist

If your student is on the waitlist, there is a varying level of chance that he/she could be offered a spot. Names on the waitlist do not carry over from one enrollment season to the next. Students must reapply each year. However, once on the waitlist, a student's name remains on unless the parent withdraws the application.


Eligibility to Enroll

Families who do not complete the application and enrollment requirements accurately by the deadlines can have their offer rescinded. It is essential that families who live in the San Mateo or Sequoia Union High School districts complete registration and address verification prior to the lottery.