The Koi Pond

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“A koi fish can grow with the size of its pond.” 

Dr. Ken Montgomery

The influence of a widening pond on the growth of its koi is a powerful metaphor for the positive impact of's annual fund on the development of our students.

The Koi Pond

Demystifying  Suggested Levels of Donation encourages 100% of parent participation at any level. The shortfall from district funding, which our community strives to make up, is the equivalent $727 per student if viewed on a strictly per capital basis. However, we know that not all families can afford this amount. In previous years, generous families have set a precedent of goodwill by contributing more than their per capita share to help our community and those who are less able to contribute.

With that in mind, we have posted a table below based on the levels of donations families have made in the past, as a suggestion in case your family is considering donating more than the per capita level. A donation of $2,500 really helps cover families who are unable to contribute at the $727 level.

If all parents contribute according to their means, and all families contribute, we can achieve 100% participation and reach the annual fundraising goal. Full participation is a characteristic that grant organizations look for in school communities when making decisions about awarding funds to schools.

Thank you for considering your level of support. Every dollar is appreciated and supports student programs.



          The Koi Donation Ladder - every leap helps!

        The Koi Donation Ladder - every leap helps!


Design Tech High School’s vision is to support every student in reaching their full potential by providing unique and personalized learning opportunities and fostering growth in whichever direction a student wants to take their educational career.

Design Tech is a publicly funded charter school. The money we receive from state funding is approximately $5,000 less per student than the amount surrounding high schools receive from local tax dollars. As a result, Design Tech relies on parent and community donations to close the $2,750,000 funding gap.

All donations to the Koi Pond directly support opportunities for students beyond the rigorous core curriculum provided at Design Tech High School.

Initiatives funded by the Koi Pond include:

  • School camping trips and grade level team building activities
  • Intersession classes
  • Chromebooks for every student
  • Seed funding for clubs/athletics
  • DRG Materials
  • Fieldtrips
  • School-wide college testing (PSAT fees)

We ask that each family donate $2,500 per student to support the Koi Pond - or whatever your feel comfortable giving. A donation of $2,500 or more helps cover families who are unable to contribute in order to reach our total fundraising goal for this year of $400,000.

100% family participation is an important goal. It demonstrates the highest level of commitment among our families and can help apply for grants.