Student Life


Students who enroll at generally have the curiosity, openness and diligence to become self-directed. They also need inspiration, practice and encouragement to realize the skills and become independent innovators, collaborators and project managers.’s Design Lab program creates a forum for them to seek out authentic challenges and turn their ideas into action.

By building creative confidence incrementally, and holding the expectation that students will learn to manage their course work and healthy lifestyle across each semester, students are preparing for constructive engagement and a sustainable lifestyle when they enter a rapidly evolving economy.

We believe that all students have the ability to make a unique contribution to the world and it’s our job as adults to help students uncover that ability. We help students find their superpower but ultimately, the student has to be the one to apply it.

Student Initiatives

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Daniel Pang - India Trip/Travel Program

Jane Wang - art installation - bird signs

Adelyn - TEDx
Vending Machine

Student Store

Design Realization Garage (DRG)

8,000 sq.ft Maker-Space!




Design Tech athletics provides a positive, challenging, and competitive experience that emphasizes personal integrity, sportsmanship, wellness, and fulfillment of the student’s athletic potential. It emphasized the pursuit of victory with honor and that in victory and defeat, the effort achieved through play is of lasting value. Design Tech High School hosts sports for girls and boys through all three sport seasons, including girls volleyball, cross country, soccer, basketball, baseball, swimming and track, competing in the Private School Athletics League (PSAL). PSAL falls under the Central Coast Section and includes twelve schools between San Francisco and San Jose.

Sports and teams offered through Design Tech athletics are based on student interest: the teams we currently field have been in consistent high demand. does not hold tryouts for other sports, and coaches have the discretion to make cuts when an athletic team is oversubscribed. With that said, we encourage our coaches to keep players on roster under a "developmental" role especially for sports without Junior Varsity teams. In the case that we have a large amount of players interested in an existing sport, we would look into possibilities for adding a lower level team that season. (requested clarification 9.27.18)


Clubs at are intentionally created, organized, and run by students. All staff members are expected to mentor and support at least one club during the year.

Founding students create the club mission statement, organizational structure, and arrange to provide a “service to the community” at least once a year.

An average of 45 clubs are on offer to peers, including Surfing, Asian Culture Club, Diversity Council, Magic Club, Like a Girl, Math Olympiads, Photography, Plants to People, Pride, and Hip Hop, the Era Acting & Film club, Chess, D&D, Gaming, Rock Band and many more. The d.Leadership club organizes Social Events and Spirit Days, runs the seasonal Student Store, and organizes Weekly Community Meetings with the staff.


Transit Details

Independent P.E.

The goal of the Physical Education and Athletics programs at is to motivate students to engage in physical activities and become the best version of themselves. We want to honor what they already do, and encourage them to try new activities on the path to a healthy lifestyle.

Students must meet the state requirement of two years of PE through independent study in grades 9 and 10.’s Health & Wellness Coordinator and Athletic Director manage the implementation and grading of independent ‘Prove-It’ assignments to demonstrate that each student has met the minimum 200 minute per week requirement.

All students continue to participate in the health & wellness program as part of’s active culture. This includes Health lessons during the grade 9 life class, a required Health class during intersession for grade 12, health & wellness activities during advisory sessions, as well as taking advantage of exploration and extension opportunities and sports teams.

Student Support

High School is a period of great growth, change and challenge. When students need extra help to understand a difficult topic, get along with peers or teachers, and manage stress, anxiety and time, we encourage them to ask for help and not struggle alone. Being proactive in their own wellness is a vital life skill.

While has taken pragmatic steps to build wellness into the school day, through a later start in the mornings than many high schools, and personalized student schedules to help students get work done during the school day, the school also provides Advisory and Counseling programs. Each student is assigned an Advisor - an ally who provides a daily forum for proactive discussions where students can share insights and offer each other encouragement. The Advisor also mentors scheduling choices so students personalize time-management no matter where they land on the procrastinator-perfectionist continuum. Students are also encouraged to talk to their teachers when they need help to stay on-pace academically. Going beyond these strategies is a team of dedicated guidance counselors and education specialists are on hand for multi-tiered intervention support.