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College Admissions

College Research

  • Colleges & Programs Guide - Click here for a list of academic majors and the colleges that are known to offer strong programs in each.
  •  College Board BigFutures - A college search engine where you can filter schools based on college fit priorities. This is a comprehensive site that also includes information on financial aid, careers, tips on admission and visiting colleges
  • Naviance - Sign into the student's account and use the SuperMatch feature of Naviance to identify schools that match your college fit priorities.
  • - Enter the name of the college and get easy to read data about admissions, financials, academics, student life, etc.   Good site to use when conducting quantitative data research of colleges you are considering.

Financial Aid

Standardized Tests

College Athletics

College Visits

College Fairs

College fairs are a great way for students to talk with college admissions officers directly and to explore colleges they might not have considered.  College fairs also offer useful workshops for parents & students regarding all areas of the college admissions process.  If possible, students should register before attending a college fair.  Below are local national and western area college fairs.