REGISTRATION begins here from January 8 - February 29, 2019 for the 2019-2020 school year. Please check this page in late September for updates as well as dates for webinars that will help families learn more about the school.

  • Parents or guardians must register their students before the February 28, 2019 deadline to be eligible for the lottery.
  • Initial enrollment is only via a lottery held each March. The next lottery will be held in early March, 2019. Information on time and location will be available in January 2019.
  • Once a student is enrolled, they do not need to register for the lottery again. They do have to reenroll each year to retain their seat for the following year.
  • enrolls 150 9th graders. Seats for transfers into grades 10 and 11 are only available through attrition, and are significantly less available. 
  • Open Houses and shadow visits are only offered after the lottery to students who receive an offer in the March lottery, and to their families. 
  • All current California residents are welcome to apply.
  • Priority in the lottery is given to residents of the San Mateo and Sequoia Union High School districts, provided they complete the registration/address verification process at their district office between November 2019 and mid-February 2020.
  • Priority is also given to students receiving Free or Reduced Priced Meals - provided proof is supplied.
  • Priority does not guarantee offers of enrollment.
  • Students who do not live 'in-district' are still eligible to enroll. Evidence of current CA residence is required.  
  • Click here for the complete list of lottery priorities.


Thank you for your curiosity about's compelling educational mission. Students who are seeking a transformative and inclusive high school experience should keep at the top of their school search. graduates are prepared for a radically evolving economic and technical world - one that requires agile thinking, mastery of academic and problem-solving skills, and project management. Above all, students carry with them the desire to make the world a better place, and the understanding that they are the ones who can make that happen. 

What does 'DESIGN TECH' mean? 

'DESIGN' - refers to's design thinking program which practices a problem-solving method developed at the Stanford Design School, and shared through their K-12 Lab program. These skills serve budding young athletes and academics as well as film-makers, artists, dancers, musicians, social justice activists, event organizers and community service workers, as well as those interested in math, science and the tech world. 

'TECH' - refers to the need of all students to be comfortable and confident with technology, and treat it as a set of tools to support their endeavors. Students arrive knowing either very little or a lot about computers, which is the normal profile of any incoming high school class. 


  • Putting knowledge into action. 
  • Personalized schedule.
  • Consistent faculty oversight. 
  • Trust, compassion, inclusion and empathy.

DEFINING QUALITIES OF THE STUDENT COMMUNITY students are highly diverse in educational profile and background, and they share these qualities:

  • A commitment to support their student community through trust, care, and empathy.
  • A drive to have an active role in their education and take responsibility for the direction of their learning, supported by faculty oversight, personalization, and scaffolding over four years.
  • The curiosity, openness and diligence to become self-directed.
  • A willingness to sacrifice some attributes traditionally associated with high schools - such as homecoming and band - in order to access unique opportunities.
  • A desire to make the world a better place, coupled with an interest in finding solutions through strong listening skills and collaboration.

ACADEMICS - the curriculum meets or exceeds the University of California A-G subject requirements. The competency-based learning cycle focuses on achieving mastery through a series of comprehension checks, graded Performance Tasks and Unit Exams, which together offer practice, depth and personalization. The goal is mastery - defined by the UC A-G requirements as a minimum of 75% and above on all required tasks. 

PERSONAL ENRICHMENT - Students pursue additional opportunities through intersessions, design challenges, portfolios, clubs, internships and concurrent college enrollment. is a free public charter high school that values diversity in race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic level, sexual orientation, physical ability, family structure and religion. 
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