Please check this page for updates and to view a complete timeline for registration and enrollment which will be posted by the end of September.


Over the next month, we will add video to create a virtual Open House for prospective families. We begin with ‘Destination Education - Innovative Schools’ a documentary by the Futura Film Channel, 2018’


This year has had to move to a new system of offering shadows and tours to students and parents once an offer has been received in the lottery in March. As a relatively small high school became unable to accommodate an exponential increase in requests, so the enrollment office has developed a new strategy for prospective students.

Students who register for the lottery, and receive an offer in March, will be invited to 'A Day in the Life of', and their parents and guardians can tour. We have received feedback that holding the visits close to the decision deadline is very helpful.


  • The link to register your student for the March lottery will be provided here between January 8 - February 28, 2019 for entry in the 2019-2020 school year.  Please bookmark this page, and mark your calendar!

  • enrolls 150 9th graders. All current California residents are welcome to apply. Seats for transfers into grade 10 are significantly less available, but transfer students are welcome to register and will go on a waitlist. Registrations are not being accepted for entry into grades 11 or 12.

  • Priority in the lottery is given to residents of the San Mateo and Sequoia Union High School districts, provided parents/guardians complete the registration/address verification process at their district office between November 2018 and mid-February 2019.

  • Priority is also given to students receiving Free or Reduced Priced Meals.

  • Priority does not guarantee an offer of enrollment.

  • Click here for the complete list of lottery priorities.


Thank you for your curiosity about's compelling educational mission. Students who are seeking a transformative and inclusive high school experience should keep at the top of their school search. graduates are prepared for a radically evolving economic and technical world - one that requires agile thinking, mastery of academic and problem-solving skills, and project management. Above all, students carry with them the desire to make the world a better place, and the understanding that they are the ones who can make that happen. 

What does 'DESIGN TECH' mean? 

'DESIGN' - refers to's design thinking program which practices a problem-solving method developed at the Stanford Design School, and shared through their K-12 Lab program. These skills serve budding young athletes and academics as well as film-makers, artists, dancers, musicians, social justice activists, event organizers and community service workers, as well as those interested in math, science and the tech world. 

'TECH' - refers to the need of all students to be comfortable and confident with technology, and treat it as a set of tools to support their endeavors. Students arrive knowing either very little or a lot about computers, which is the normal profile of any incoming high school class. 


  • Putting knowledge into action.

  • Personalized schedule.

  • Consistent faculty oversight.

  • Trust, compassion, inclusion and empathy.

DEFINING QUALITIES OF THE STUDENT COMMUNITY students are highly diverse in educational profile and background, and they share these qualities:

  • A commitment to support their student community through trust, care, and empathy.

  • A drive to have an active role in their education and take responsibility for the direction of their learning, supported by faculty oversight, personalization, and scaffolding over four years.

  • The curiosity, openness and diligence to become self-directed.

  • A willingness to sacrifice some attributes traditionally associated with high schools - such as homecoming and band - in order to access unique opportunities.

  • A desire to make the world a better place, coupled with an interest in finding solutions through strong listening skills and collaboration.

ACADEMICS - the curriculum meets or exceeds the University of California A-G subject requirements. The competency-based learning cycle focuses on achieving mastery through a series of comprehension checks, graded Performance Tasks and Unit Exams, which together offer practice, depth and personalization. The goal is mastery - defined by the UC A-G requirements as a minimum of 75% and above on all required tasks. 

PERSONAL ENRICHMENT - Students pursue additional opportunities through intersessions, design challenges, portfolios, clubs, internships and concurrent college enrollment. is a free public charter high school that values diversity in race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic level, sexual orientation, physical ability, family structure and religion.

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