Open Houses & Shadows

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NOTICE: Families who submitted an RSVP form on Friday, September 22, did have their names and reservations successfully collected with a time stamp. However, only 1 out of 3 email addresses populated the reservation form.

If your family submitted a reservation form, please email with your full name and your student's name. You may not receive a confirmation by 5 pm today unless we successfully collect your email address, but we do have your name and timestamp on the list before the RSVP closed. Thank you for your patience. We will be in touch soon.

OPEN HOUSE: Strictly for 8th grade families only (prospective transfer students in 9th can also attend)
The October 19 Open House is full.  The next opportunity to RSVP will be here on Friday, Oct. 20 at 7am for the Nov. 9 Open House. Be assured: there is significantly more information on this website than can be shared during this relatively short event. 

PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR ALL DETAILS wants to reach out to as many families as possible, and we also have limited space in the auditorium we are using. For this reason, we have had to use an RSVP system for Open Houses. There will be a maximum number of 3 spots per family.

Bookings are added to the RSVP list in the order received, up to a maximum of fifty families on the waitlist. Last year all spots in the Open House were reserved within one minute of the reservation opening. The Enrollment Office will contact you with confirmation of your status by 5 pm. Please check your spam folder if you do not see that in your inbox. 

We hope it is reassuring to know that there is significantly more information on this website than we can convey during Open Houses. Attending an Open House is not required to submit an application. You can still apply to between January and February even if you missed attending one. Students who receive an offer in the lottery will be offered an opportunity to visit the campus, and their parents will be able to tour.

We hope we will be able to accommodate more families next year when we are settled into our new campus.                          

OPEN HOUSE FORMAT: An introduction by Dr. Ken Montgomery, Executive Director, followed by student and faculty panels. 

LOCATION: The Open House will not be held at's current campus, but in Redwood Shores. Details will be provided to families who RSVP.

SHADOW VISITS is a relatively small high school. To welcome as many visitors as possible and maintain a regular school environment for current students, this is's shadowing program:

  • Students who attend an Open House will be able to shadow prior to the lottery. An invitation will be sent.
  • Applicants who are offered a spot in the lottery have an opportunity to shadow after it, and their parents will be offered a tour.

There is lots of information on the enrollment drop down menus. If you do not see your question answered, please email


We deeply appreciate your patience during your research into Design Tech High School.

If you discover you and your student really like the school, please apply. The application will be available on the enrollment tab between early January and the last day of February.

With best wishes for the year ahead.

The Enrollment Office