Learning Management System

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In the fall of 2017 d.tech is migrating to a new Learning Management and Student Information System hosted by PowerSchool. PowerSchool is a widely used, integrated platform that promises ease of use for students, parents and the administration. 

Enrolled families will be contacted at the beginning of the school year to complete the migration.

How will I know if my student is on pace?

A paper progress report will be mailed to the student’s primary address mid-semester (October/April). In the gradebook for each class, if you see an M (Missing) or 0%, that means a deadline has passed, and the student has not submitted the assignment. The student is not on pace.

What’s the deadline for student assignments to be included in progress reports?

  • Friday, October 6, 2017 - This is the deadline for the October progress report. 
  • Friday, April 6, 2018  - This is the deadline for the April progress report.

What are the student assignment due dates for inclusion in permanent semester grades?

  • Semester 1: October 6, 2017

  • Semester 2: April 6, 2018

What if my student is off-pace by the semester deadline?

  • The work must be submitted by the deadlines above with a minimum of 75%. The student will have some time to revise the assignment after the deadline.

  • If any assignments are missing, or not up to 75% by the end of the semester, students will have to retake the course the next time it’s offered. That might be in either the next semester or the next school year.

What’s the turnaround time for teachers to enter grades?

The window is roughly two weeks, however 

  • Some types of assignments take longer to grade than others, e.g. math assignments are assessed faster than writing assignments. 
  • If a grade is missing, it’s possible that the student did not follow the teacher’s instructions on submitting it. New students may believe they have submitted their assignment but they did not. Students commonly make the error of submitting it via email - a method they may be accustomed to from their middle school years. It is almost never the case that d.tech teachers ask for assignments to be submitted via email. Students may be asked to post a link to their document in a dropbox, take a photo of handwritten notes and upload to PowerSchool, or submit a physical project. 

    There is a developmental aspect to these requests, and by mid-sophomore - and certainly by junior year - most students have learned to follow instructions on handing in their work.


    If you have more questions: please contact your student’s advisor via email.

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