Lab Coat - Real Samples


Students are given individual hand-outs by their Advisor called 'Lab Coats' which indicate if they are on-pace - and have no referrals - or if they are not on pace and have specific work that they must finish. 

An on-pace student may choose an activity with the oversight of their Advisor and supervising faculty. The choices are: going to the Design Realization Garage (DRG) maker-space to work on a project, taking a Physical Activity Break (PAB) in the Burlingamer Sports Center, being engaged in Focused Independent Time (FIT), or meeting with a teacher during his/her Office Hours. 

In the samples below, the first student is on pace, and has been offered an opportunity to meet with the US History Teacher during the second period to discuss the provisional government task. The second student has been referred to finish a Comprehension Check (CC) 2.1, and Unit Exam (UE) 2.1. The same student has also been asked to see the math teacher during Office Hours to continue working on a rough draft of a Performance Task (PT). 

Lab days help students stay on pace, and gives them practice planning time with faculty oversight.