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  DESIGN TECH HIGH SCHOOL SCHOOL PROFILE  For more photographs of student life,  click here .

For more photographs of student life, click here.


Thank you for your curiosity about enrollment at d.tech, and its compelling educational mission. Students who are seeking a transformative and supportive high school experience - one that includes innovative approaches to scheduling, academics, skill-building, and experience  - should keep d.tech at the top of their school search. d.tech focuses on "knowledge into action", and "extreme personalization". Consistent faculty oversight - with empathy, responsibility and wellness - are central to the program, while inclusion and empathy toward one another defines us as a community.

d.tech graduates are prepared for a radically evolving economic and technical world that demands a relevant education and agile thinking. Students study University of California A-G subject requirements, and pursue additional opportunities through intersessions, design challenges, portfolios, clubs, internships and concurrent college enrollment. 

2017-18 is a historic year for d.tech. The school is the first public charter high school to move onto a campus funded and built by a silicon valley company - thank you Oracle Education Foundation!  - and we will celebrate our first graduating class of seniors. We are deeply grateful to everyone who contributed their time, expertise and enduring support to create a new type of high school where students learn how to bring positive change to their communities and themselves, and be ready for life.

We hope you will find the enrollment pages useful. d.tech is accepting registrations for grades 9 - 11 for the March 2 lottery until February 28, 2018.

Best wishes,
the d.tech Team

d.tech is a free public charter high school that values diversity in race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic level, sexual orientation, physical ability, family structure and religion. 
Link to the d.tech Community Handbook 2017-2018
All California residents are welcome to apply, and priority in the lottery is given to residents of the San Mateo and Sequoia Union High School districts provided they complete the registration process at their district office. District priority does not guarantee offers of enrollment, and students who do not live 'in-district' are still eligible provided they can prove CA residence.
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