How Students Spent Their Summer
Students shared their summer pictures under the following categories: Community Service, Work/Internship/Learning, and Travel. Enjoy their diverse experiences and learn something new about our Dragons!

Work / Internship / Learning

Elena, ’20
I attended the Bay Area Girls Rock Camp in Oakland - we formed bands, wrote original songs and performed at a club. (Elena, far left)

Marcus, ‘18
Representing, Marcus attended Maker Ed & InfoSys Foundation USA’s “MakerSpace Possibilities Workshop” for educators at AutoDesk’s Pier 9 Studio. (Marcus in blue jacket, back row center)

Ethan, ‘19
While in Europe I took some fencing lessons & training in Poland (black mask, center). Also traveled to Sciezka w Oblokach in the Czech Republic.

Matija, ‘18
This summer I was getting advanced scuba diving certificates. I am shown here about to embark on my first cold water scuba dive in Monterey Bay.

Pachie, ‘20
Six-Week Junior Lifeguard Program. I’m getting ready to use the “big boards” to practice surfing and lifesaving techniques in the open ocean.

Robotics Team B.R.E.A.D.
Pictured are students attending an NVIDIA software workshop for the Jetson TX1 kit. Wearing their B.R.E.A.D. burgundy gear t-shirts, can you spot our three students (l-r, Thomas, Michael & David) and adult mentor (Christine)? Back row far right are sophomores Noah, Lorenzo, Aidan & Cyrus.

  Felix, ‘19  Rock climbing challenge at Crissy Fields in San Francisco.

Felix, ‘19
Rock climbing challenge at Crissy Fields in San Francisco.


Bodhi, ‘18
Traveled through Europe this summer with my dad’s band--Berlin, Germany and Riga, Latvia. I’m pictured outside the Kuressaare Castle in Estonia.

Brandon, ‘19
Travel to the United Kingdom and am pictured here on London Bridge.

Samantha, ‘18
Samantha had a busy summer....especially by a pool.  She spent most days at Burlingame Aquatics either teaching kids how to swim and as a lifeguard.  She recently returned from Columbus, Ohio where she attended the Jewish teen olympics representing the peninsula. This was her first swim meet and she came home with medals.

Aiden, ‘20
Traveled to Germany with my dad to visit our relatives. While in Iceland, swam in the Blue Lagoon; I’m pictured in Iceland at midnight! 

Ian, ‘19
Made a visit during Pearl Harbor’s 75th Anniversary in Oahu, Hawaii.