Design Thinking in Action

Design Thinking in Action students believe that the world can be a better place and that they can be the ones to make it happen.  Our students have been trained in design thinking and want to make the world better by applying what they have learned.  Our students are best equipped to tackle specific problems both large and small, such as "how might we redesign the 4th of July parade route?" or "how might we get people take the stairs more often"

While there is no expectation of compensation for service projects, a contribution to the student activities fund is always appreciated.  

So if you have a problem that you'd like some student energy to help solve, please fill out this form and it will be reviewed by a committee of students and staff to see if there might be a fit.  If so, we'll reach out with next steps and if not, we'll still reach out to let you know why we could not take on the project.  

Thanks for finding us, and hopefully we can help.  

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